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Well, this is it. The night before the big day. I've registered at the hospital, did my pre-surgery testing (EKG, blood work, chest x-ray), had a great chat with Ilse, and prepped my bowels with a delightful HalfLightly drink that cleaned me out pretty thoroughly. I've received dozens and dozens (and dozens) of well wishes from family and friends, spent the day with my three nurses and my cousins and Rhett, and I've been cuddling with my pup Winston for the last couple of hours.

I'm feeling fantastic. Strong, calm, happy. And ready. More than ready.

Tonight, I feel filled with courage. I've always drawn my courage from my family, the incredibly strong people that surround me.

Tonight, I'm thinking about my great-grandmother, who fled from her home in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution in 1913. She struck out for the U.S. on foot, alone, and wearing her brother's clothes so she could avoid  unwanted attention from Pancho Villa's soldiers. She got here safely, had 13 children, outlived three husbands, and lived to the ripe old age of 90.

I'm thinking about my grandmother, who endured various health problems, beating the odds every time, and finding time to work and raise my mom and uncles at the same time. She's still doing well, inspiring her family to this day. She especially inspires me.

And I'm thinking about my mom, who unflinchingly supports me, and has been there for me through thick and thin. She also beat the hell out of ovarian cancer a few years ago. I look forward to being a wonderful mother and a cancer-killing survivor like her.

My family gives me courage. 

My belief in myself -- my strength, will, and determination -- gives me confidence.

My faith in God gives me peace.

My friends, my OMM family, and my dog Winston give me unbridled joy.

My Blue Devils and the great Coach K give me inspiration.

My husband gives me true happiness.

Your support gives me a full heart and a big smile on my face.

And my surgeon will give me a new life...tomorrow.

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