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Why WunderGlo?

Although you are all a largely clever bunch, I thought I'd take a moment to explain the reason why I've chosen "WunderGlo" as the name for this blog.

Part of it is an allusion to the word "wunderkind," which is defined as a child prodigy, or someone very successful in their field despite his or her young age (if that's not a perfect translation of the word, please don't hold it against me. I speak some Spanish and a touch of Italian, but not a lick of German). A WunderGlo, then, is a young person (under 30 qualifies) named Glo who is very successful in her field.  My field, although generally consisting of lawyering and lifting weights, is now all about one thing: beating cancer. Therefore, as I continue on this journey and ultimately beat this disease, I am a WunderGlo. Pretty straightforward. 

And for anyone who thinks this "wunderkind" title is rather self-absorbed of me, let me tell you this. Cancer is a self-absorbed little brat, and sometimes, you've gotta fight fire with fire.

Another reason I chose this blog name is to honor my oncologist, a brilliant USC doctor named Heinz-Josef Lenz, who is as German as they come. Much, much more on Dr. Lenz to come. He's a pretty funny guy.

Some failed names for the blog -- the only one listed here that I came up with was the last one (I thought it was hilarious) :) 

"Ready to Glo" 

"Glo's Got Guts"


"Globo's Blog"

"I REALLY need to do something about this peritoneal disease" 

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