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Week in Review/Week in Preview

Welcome to your first installation of Week in Review/Week in Preview, where I provide a listing of those notable things that occurred in the week past (along with a short description of my feelings about those notable things), and let you in on my plans for the coming week (with a short description about my hopes for such plans). Sunday is sort of an odd day -- some people consider it the end of the week (as in, the last day of the weekend), but I remember from school that Sunday is technically considered the first day of the week. In a sense, I've decided to split the difference -- Sunday will be the day I reflect on the past week (as if it was the end of the week) and gear up for the future (as if Sunday was Day 1 of said future week). I'm not sure if you needed all that explanation, but somebody might want to know about the inner machinations of this here brain, so I gave that unusually curious person a sneak peek. Without further ado, the lists:

Week in Review


  • Started Chemo -- totally easy, really nice nurses, thoroughly enjoyed faking side effects, enjoyed envisioning thoroughly dismantling cancer cells with chemotheraphy drugs even more
  • Wore my Rocky shirt for the first time -- definitely planning on channeling the Italian Stallion during this whole cancer adventure
  • Went to Mumford & Sons concert -- beautiful, inspiring music that inspired my heart and satisfied my soul, sang along at the top of my lungs (which shocked Will because he didn't realized I knew almost all the words to all their songs), Justin Long in attendance and dressed to the nines
  • Watched lots of scary movies including Pet Sematary II for the first time -- an excellent sequel
  • Made a big dent in one of the books that best friend Rhett had purchased for me called Cancer: 50 Essential Things to Do -- happily realized that naturally, and from the very beginning, I had been already doing all of the things that the author suggested about adopting a survivor mentality, etc.
  • Started exercising -- started with a 1.5 mile walk and 10 minute sprint on exercise bike and built from there, still not allowed to hit the weights yet but ITCHING to get back to the gym, decided that I will get back to hitting the weights on November 5th (a date arrived at after reconciling many suggestions by health professionals including my own)
  • Ate penne pasta made from brown rice with turkey meat sauce and other delightful, nutritious meals
  • Made awesome poops
  • Cuddled with Winston
  • Slept well
  • Went to Nick & Stef's with the family (yummy organic chicken, potatoes au gratin, mushrooms, asparagus (sorry, asparagus isn't yummy -- needed to clear that up)), then a concert at the Disney Concert hall with Will
  • Spent time with family and friends (I'm not sure I'm ready to start with individual shout-outs, but what the hell, here goes: Grandma EO, Uncle Vinnie, Nono, Angelica, Grandma K, Aunt Fran, Timmy, Anna, Nick, Dan, Juice, Ron, Aymee, Morgan -- phew, that tuckered me out a bit. And now I've set a precedent to give shout-outs. But really, it's the least I can do to show my wonderful visitors how much I love them, so this was a good decision, in retrospect. Go WunderGlo!) 
  • Watched the stupid Giants beat the Phillies and head to the World Series 
  • Went to the Aquarium of the Pacific with best friend Nick and Will -- saw lovely sea horses, waded through tremendous throngs of children, and hung out with a sandtiger shark (which was not nearly as awesome as a Great White, but still very fierce looking)


Week in Preview


  • Finish the book that best friend Rhett had purchased for me called Cancer: 50 Essential Things to Do
  • Start other books that best friend Rhett had purchased for me which also look very helpful and engaging
  • Exercise every day
  • Email slightly strange looking woman who is well versed in oncological massage and get one of those massages
  • Continue to maintain weight or maybe gain a little bit
  • Spend time at the office to commune with my fellow lawyers and best buddies (I can't be away from OMM for too long without getting the shakes (not literally, of course -- don't worry, I'm not faking an unforeseen chemo side me, when I'm faking a side effect, you'll know it (actually, you won't know it until I tell you I'm faking but you get my drift))) 
  • Prepare for Halloween party on Saturday (yes, I'm throwing a party, and if you're interested in attending, let me know)
  • Attend childhood friend and former volleyball teammate Anna's birthday dinner (Happy Birthday, Anna!)
  • Go to the gym to at least discuss lifting weights with personal trainers and get fitness plan in place for November 5
  • Find more concerts to attend in coming months
  • Hang out with best friends Rhett and Morgan this weekend (they are flying here for Saturday's Halloween party)
  • Make sure my Halloween costume is totally perfect
  • Plan Will's Halloween costume and do all the work that comes with putting his costume together (because that's what I always do and, frustratingly, everybody always loves Will's costume more than mine and, man, sometimes it really troubles me but these are the kind of things I need to be zen about, not only now because I'm in the middle of chemo but always, so...*deep breath*)
  • Meditate (to alleviate Will's Halloween costume issue and also because it's good for me in general)
  • Drink lots of water
  • Sleep well
  • Get excited about Duke Basketball this season because, wow, the guys are looking good already 
  • Update the blog frequently with thoughtful posts -- like I'd forget about my readers! Never!!


Have a great week, everybody. Much love from the WunderGlo to you.

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