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Week in Review/Week in Preview

After an exceptional week, it's time to review and look forward to the week I've got on deck. First, the highlights of the past week. There were quite a few.

Week In Review


  • Went back to Educogym this week! My workouts are going great. Wayne (my trainer) has been working hard to tailor a perfect set of routines for me that do not engage my core (I need to keep resting that incision area) but work my other muscle groups. I am proud to report that my calves, hamstrings, and triceps were sore this week. Wayne needs to step up my game for my quads and biceps, but we're off to a great start. 
  • Met with the five-element acupuncturist and really enjoyed my session -- going to make those treatments a regular thing.
  • Spent quality time at OMM -- worked on the book and blog, spent time with some of my favorite people, soaked up that beautiful view of Downtown L.A.
  • Finished the book best friend Rhett bought me (Cancer: 50 Essential Things To Do) and started a new one (Anatomy of an Illness)
  • Rested, ate well, meditated, drank lots of water 
  • Gained a little more weight -- now up almost 6 pounds since I left the hospital which is only 2 pounds lighter than when I checked in at Good Sam (which means I've got about 2 more pounds to go before I can really feel like an eating champion)
  • Wrote my post about my beloved Duke Basketball inspiring me to beat cancer, which resulted in it being linked from major Duke fan sites including DukeBasketballReport and DukeBluePlanet -- also got a comment on my Duke post from someone named Nolan and I'm hoping that Nolan is my favorite Duke Basketball player Nolan Smith (but I'm trying not to get too excited about it because OMG, that would be exciting)
  • Went to a concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall on Sunday -- relaxed to some Mozart and Beethoven because it's not always all about 2Pac (although, most of the time, it is). Thanks to law school and OMM buddy Eric for the tickets.
  • Threw a Halloween party! I was Dr. Sugarbaker, Tim was Dr. Lenz, and my parents and Will were -- of course -- nurses. All of the costumes were INCREDIBLE (pictures in the picture gallery), and I loved hanging out with all my pals. My uncharacteristically late bedtime that night (4am) only proves what a great party it was. 


Week in Preview


  • Chemo Round Two starts tomorrow. New Rocky shirt is clean and ready to go. So excited to assault that idiotic cancer with some more magic juice. Also excited about faking side effects and not actually having any.
  • Meditate and visualize chemo shrinking tumors and preventing progression of aforementioned idiotic cancer
  • Check in with my five-element acupuncturist on Tuesday morning to make sure my energy is flowing well
  • Keep pumping iron at Educogym because it makes me buff and happy
  • Eat lots of nutritious food, take all my vitamins, and get all my nightly shots of Lovenox 
  • Finish, or at least make a major dent in, Anatomy of an Illness book
  • Follow up with oncological massage lady (I dropped the ball last week because I got caught up with the acupuncturist which is really a good thing but, darn, my shoulders are a little sore from working out and I could use a rubdown)
  • Buy new paints and a couple new brushes and start painting again 
  • Work on the book
  • Rest, relax, nap, snooze, cuddle with Winston
  • Keep the blog as up-to-date and as entertaining as humanly possible


 Have an awesome week, everyone! I hope, like me, you're packing a lot of living into your days.

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