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So Thankful It's Not Even Funny

Ever since my diagnosis, I've been thinking about all the incredible people and things in my life and how truly, deeply thankful I am. 

I'm thankful for my family -- a wonderful, supportive group of people that I'd normally choose to be in my life but, luckily, I inherited since birth. From the minute I heard about The Big C in my gut, they have had unwavering confidence in my ability to beat it. They are the foundation of my strength and confidence, and I can't really express how grateful I am to have them in my life.

I'm thankful for my friends -- a brilliant and loyal bunch that make me laugh out loud and make me proud. I didn't mean for that last part to rhyme, by the way. Evidently, my friends even inspire me to write in rhyming verse. You are my extended family, and I love you guys. 

I'm thankful for O'Melveny -- my wonderful colleagues and the amazing experiences that have shaped my three years as an attorney. From my mentors to my teammates to the people I run into in the hallways, I have nothing but love and gratitude for all of you for being a part of my life. Long live OMM.

I'm thankful for the readers of this blog -- getting your wonderful feedback and knowing that you enjoy the blog so much fills me with joy. You inspire me to keep writing, to keep reflecting on my life, and to keep giving thanks. 

I'm thankful for my doctors -- the skilled, compassionate men that work their magic:

For Dr. Ramos, who was pretty much my favorite person to see during those two weeks at Good Samaritan, and who deftly disposed of the tumor in my colon and left me with a brilliantly functioning GI tract. Even more than that, though, Dr. Ramos cared about me and still does, checking in with me via text and rooting for me all the way. Love you, doc.

For Dr. Lenz, for making chemo incredibly fun and being the mastermind of Project Stop Idiotic Cancer In Its Tracks. I chose Dr. Lenz for his reputation as one of the most brilliant GI oncologists in the world, and not because I thought I'd love him just as much as Dr. Ramos -- but I do. What a great bonus.

And for Dr. Sugarbaker, for getting it all out and restoring me back to cancer-free kick-ass status. I can't wait for you to slice me open and do your thing. It's going to be sweet.

Finally, for my three nurses -- Mom, Dad, and Will. I couldn't be who I am without you, and I depend on your love and support more than any three people in the world. You are the best, and I love you so much it brings a WunderTear to my eye. I couldn't pick three better people to go on this adventure with and I'm incredibly grateful for you.

I've always been aware of seemingly ridiculous amount of blessings and good fortune in my life, but cancer really brought it into focus, and brought with it even more wonderful things (let's not forget about my new friend, Coach K). It's crazy, but facing down cancer has filled my heart with even more love for my loved ones, courage to achieve all the goals I set out for myself, and appreciation for the beauty that is my life. 

Don't get comfortable though, cancer -- you've done your job and your time is over.  

Have a wonderful, beautiful Thanksgiving everyone!! Much, much love to you.

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