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New York, New York

As usual, New York City delivered a fun and memorable time for your pal WunderGlo. I'm never going to betray my love for Los Angeles by calling NYC the best city in the world, but, man, it's a spectacular place.

We got into the city around 5pm, after sleeping in mightily at my mother-in-law's place in New Jersey. As we drove into the city, amazed by the huge piles of snow that lined all the sidewalks, we realized we were pretty hungry and started searching for some yummy vegan eats. When you're in New York City, you can eat anything you want and it's bound to be delicious, so when my best friend Rhett suggested that we meet up at Pure Food and Wine, we happily accepted. Pure Food and Wine, like 105degrees in Oklahoma City and Cru in L.A., is a raw vegan restaurant that makes green juice, delectable entrees, and sinfully good desserts that are actually good for you. I ordered the spinach/cucumber/apple/kale juice and the spanikopita and was beyond pleased.


Who knew that eating so many veggies could actually be enjoyable? The pre-diagnosis me certainly wouldn't have believed it. The pre-diagnosis me avoided vegetables, loved carbs, ordered a cheese plate wherever she went, ate juicy steak after juicy steak, and swore by a monthly Happy Meal (if not monthly, bi-weekly). Oh, how things change. I'm healthier and happier now, but I don't fault my pre-diagnosis self for living so high on the hog. My taste buds have plenty of memories of so-bad-it's-good food to look back on now that I'm living clean. And it's not like the pumpkin cheesecake and chocolate caramel tart we shared for dessert doesn't provide enough indulgence as it is.

Honestly, becoming a vegan pretty much overnight has been easy. Easier than chemo, and chemo was pretty easy.

We followed our culinary adventure by taking in La Cage Au Folles, the musical otherwise known as The Birdcage, starring Kelsey Grammer. I'm not afraid to admit that I've had a little crush on Kelsey Grammer for over 15 years now, and I loved seeing him perform live. After the show (which was incredibly entertaining), I stuck around for Kelsey and got him to autograph my playbill. When we chatted briefly, I played it cool and didn't mention my crush, but I was smiling from ear to ear on the subway ride back to our car.


All in all, an awesome day. And the party doesn't stop. I'll be back in the city tomorrow for a very memorable time, but I won't tell you what I'm up to just yet. A little suspense is a good thing, right?

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