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Major Progress Today, at the hospital and at Cameron Indoor Stadium

Today, I got one of my five Jackson-Pratt drains pulled (JP drains are pretty gross and are lodged in my abdomen, and pulling out the drain consisted of no local anesthetic and a genuine, actual sensation of flesh tearing). I also took my first two walks down the hallway of 2 NW (the Sugarbaker wing of Washington Hospital Center), holding onto my belly, lugging all my attachments around, and feeling the pain in my back and ribs loud and clear.

But you know what? I made progress and it felt fantastic. No small thing like this slightly-battered, massive surgery-fresh body is going to hold me back from moving forward! Always moving forward, always showing cancer who's boss, always staying focused.

And then, my Blue Devils played our biggest and only rivals, the UNC Tarheels (I like to call them Tarholes). Nolan Smith played the game
of his career, and led Duke to victory after coming back from a 14-point halftime deficit.

You never question the odds or worry about losing when champs are involved. Because champs aren't worried about losing. They are concerned with making progress.

Much love to Coach K and my Blue Devils for continuing to keep this lionheart's lion heart inspired and focused on nothing less than success.

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