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Big Things Happening at Washington Hospital Center

First of all, I was called the "best patient ever" from not one but two Washington Hospital Center nurses. The teacher's pet in me is very pleased.

Secondly, my last chest tube and last Jackson-Pratt drain were pulled out of me today. Could they possibly hurt more than yesterday's snake-pulling challenge? Yes. But let's not dwell on that. Let's focus on the fact that I'm almost totally tubeless and on the fast track to a record- speed recovery!

Took some very long walks today despite reeling from the pain of those tube removals, and had fun chatting up all my lovely visitors (my Duke bud Junior, my mother-in-law Carol, my sis-in-law Marie, and my Stanford pal Andrea). Spent a great rest of the day with my three nurses. With such a great support structure, it's hard not to bounce back quickly. Can't wait to see my doggie, Winston, soon - I think I'm up for a long walk down to the hospital lobby to visit my pup soon, don't you?

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