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It's Whole Foods Day!!

I found myself boldly proclaiming this upon opening my refrigerator this morning. It was probably more like singing, really: "It's Whoooooole Foods Daaaaaay!!!" And it was loud. Will and Winston, still snoozing, were not amused. 

So why was I bopping around my loft, adoring the downtown Los Angeles skyline, singing songs about Whole Foods this morning? Who knows. I'm going to credit the daily swimming. I sleep like a baby and wake up with loads of energy. Anyway, let's get back to the point...

Yes, it's Whole Foods Day -- that weekly time where I set aside at least an hour of my day to go snooping around the produce section, sniffing around the organic bath products section, and giving the side-eye to the cheese section like it's an evil ex that I still have feelings for. It's one of my favorite days of the week, where I literally take a hands-on approach to my diet and get jazzed about the yummy and healthy foods I get to put in my shopping cart and, later, in my belly. 

So what do I get?

Instead of simply listing my grocery list, I'll make it a little more fun. I'll list an item the pre-diagnosis me used to buy regularly and replace it with a new and improved WunderGlo-certified product. Here we go. 

In the place of Pepperoni Pizza Lean Pockets, Amy's Organic Baked Beans. In other words, in the place of cheesy, processed, preservative-filled indulgence (which still tastes good - I'm not gonna lie), I've got a great source of protein with just the tiniest bit of sugar added. This is a go-to item during chemo weeks, when I can scarf down this "cheat" item even when I don't feel like eating much of anything else.

In the place of Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Diet Orange Soda, and Diet Cherry 7-Up, I stock up on boxes of herbal tea (Chamomile, Peppermint, Rooibos), a carton of organic Orange Juice, some unsweetened iced Green Tea, and water. Trading in the dicey stuff for the ultimate thirst quenchers.

In the place of Fruity Pebbles and Frosted Flakes, Kashi-brand cereals that are high in fiber and protein and easy to munch on as well as low- or no-sugar oatmeal. Do I miss Fruity Pebbles, especially considering I had so little time with it (my mom did not allow it when I was a kid)? Yes, sometimes I do -- at least conceptually. But my body does not. 

In the place of Kraft Fat-Free Singles, a packet of Rice Cheese. Soy- and dairy-free, yummy when melted in a corn tortilla, and another good go-to item during chemo weeks when I need to indulge. Mozzarella is my favorite flavor.

In the place of Chex Mix and Cheez-its, I grab bags of raw almonds and brazil nuts, and make my own store-churned almond butter. Much better snacking alternatives.

In the place of what would have been an empty cart devoid of all vegetables, I throw in fistfuls of kale and spinach, armfuls of carrots and cucumbers and celery. I've got some serious juicing to do, and these are my main ingredients.

In the place of fruit-flavored snacks that actually don't have any fruit in them (Shark Bites were my favorite), I pick out Pink Lady apples, organic strawberries and bananas, and lots of avocados. Yup, an avocado is a fruit. 

In the place of delightfully soft, no-nutrition enriched white bread (ah, Weber white bread), I pad my belly with whole grain bread (Milton's is pretty delightful) and corn tortillas. And when I'm feeling particularly health-conscious, gluten-free bread from Udi's.

In the place of beef, chicken, turkey, and bacon (mmmm...bacon), I turn to pinto beans, black beans, and hummus. And sometimes some "fake" soy-based meats like pepperoni and salami for those times when my urge for that smoked meat taste cannot be contained. In the place of casein- or whey-based protein powder, pea- or brown rice-based protein powder. Who says I don't get enough protein in my diet? I am no wimpy, muscle-less vegan. You've seen my guns. You know this.

And in the place of Red Vines red licorice, wheatgrass for daily or every-other-daily wheatgrass shots. This is not an even exchange as far as my taste buds are concerned, but my organs are giving me a standing ovation for making the change. 

Well, there it is: a snapshot of my former shopping cart and the one I'll be creating right after I finish this post. I hope you enjoyed the before and after of my supermarket staples, and I really hope you aren't eating Pepperoni Pizza Lean Pockets. I know they are pretty awesome, but you need to put the Lean Pocket down and walk away. Trust me.

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