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Finishing Strong

I'm a firm believer in finishing strong. In the pool, that means going all out on my last lap. In the gym, that means doing my last set of reps until my muscles are burning and screaming bloody murder. At work, that means finishing a brief at 3 in the morning with as much focus and effort as if it was 3 in the afternoon. In high school and college and law school, it meant getting some of my best grades during that last semester when almost everyone else had checked out.

On a chemo week, ending strong means having a full, action-packed day and showing cancer that it literally can't stop me from doing anything and everything I want to do.

On this beautiful Friday in Los Angeles, I spent several hours at OMM with Timmy and Sabrina and other favorites of mine, followed that with a super challenging legs workout at Educogym, followed that by going to a Sparks game (we won and looked amazing), and I'm now following that with some good times at a surprise birthday party in the Valley.

The fun will keep coming this weekend. Two brunches, a party, Gay Pride in West Hollywood (I always support my LGBT brothers and sisters, especially when a party is involved), and a huge dinner event at the L.A. library. On Monday, I've got another DJ lesson. On Tuesday, Timmy and I are going to the Dodger game. On Thursday, I leave for Hawaii.

Yup, life is pretty sweet for your girl, and I'm ending this last month of treatment strong. Every minute of our lives is an opportunity to enjoy the big and small things that make us happy, and I'm getting really good at celebrating all of them. I hope you are, too.

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