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Last Round of Chemo

This morning, Will detached me from my bag o' chemo for the last time. My final round of chemo -- Round 13 -- is finally in the books.

I'm not gonna's been an emotional day. Just knowing that I've gotten through a very tough cancer-killing regimen, and have come out of the experience a stronger, healthier, happier person is pretty mind-blowing. Thinking of what my body has gone through to get me to this point fills me with awe. I am in awe of my body's ability to heal itself and to keep beasting through every challenge that has been put before it.

I'm also pretty amazed by how far I've come emotionally and intellectually. Over these past ten months, I've been like a sponge, soaking up every last bit of information on how to live as healthily as possible -- from diet to exercise, to letting go of the things that used to stress me out and the grudges that never did me any good. I have absolutely transformed myself in almost every way imaginable, and while I'm not that different from the pre-diagnosis me, I am different. And in a really, really good way. 

I can't reflect on my adventures and rejoice in this day without remembering all of the people whose love and support carried me through every moment of this incredible journey. My family, friends, colleagues, doctors, nurses, and you, my dear readers. Your friendship and kindness has filled my heart and made each day utterly brilliant. There have been no dark days on this journey. Not one. And you are all responsible for that beautiful, glorious fact. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Today marked the end of my treatment, and in a sense, the end of my battle with cancer. But the war will never end. I will always be at the ready, weapons of understanding and joy and toughness and optimism close at hand. I will never forget the lessons I have learned, and I will always give thanks for every second of my life. I've been through the fire, I've pushed through the tough times, and I've proven to myself and to that silly disease that it is no match for me.  

Goodbye, chemo. Goodbye, cancer.

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