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Healing, Recovering, Recouping

It’s been several days since I’ve been released from the hospital, and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt better after a surgery. It sort of makes sense, right? After my first surgery with Dr. Ramos, I still had heaps and heaps of cancer in my belly, so that probably slowed me down a bit. And after “pick it out/pour it in” with Sugarbaker, I was reeling from an 11 hour, 17 procedure surgery that included a healthy dose of heated chemo during surgery followed by four days of intraperitoneal chemo (ah, memories).

But now, after my recent surgery with Dr. Genyk, I can say without hesitation that I feel fantastic. My incision wound is healing nicely, everything in the poop department is better than good, and I’m full of energy, as usual. Part of this great result is preparation. I came into this surgery bigger, stronger, and more focused than ever before. I spent hours in the gym, meditating, and drinking green juice, all in hopes of making my body as resilient and healthy as possible as it went into battle. If the speed and ease of my recovery are any indication, I must have prepared quite well. Not bad considering how busy I was up until the day before my surgery (guess who learned how to multitask, take care of business, AND take care of herself at the same time?!). 

These days, I’m taking it easy (easy for me, at least). Working on Foundation stuff, my new t-shirt line for cancer warriors and their supporters, and my book. Getting enough sleep, food, and rest. Infusing my days with laughter, love, and gratitude. And not thinking about pushing myself at the gym one second before my body is ready (but looking forward to that second when my body is ready).

Recovery is smooth and steady, and coming quite easily. I guess you could say that being a cancer warrior has become second nature to me. It’s not a bad problem to have. 

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