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Chemo Round 46 and The Today Show

You know, my treatment routine is getting more unconventional by the day. Last round, I did the Harlem Shake before infusing for Round 45. This time, a camera crew was with me (don't worry, when I can tell you where the camera crew is from and when our television segment is going to air, I’ll tell you).

The Wunder Project has been getting a lot of attention from the press, which is exactly what we wanted, especially during this early period of the Project. Getting as many people to know who we are will only expand our circle of supporters, so I couldn’t be happier with the way things are going. Having said that, though, I knew that this round of chemo would be a doozy and probably something that not many cancer warriors would welcome with open arms. But when you’re WunderGlo, normal bounds of reasonableness – even when it applies to chemo -- just don’t really apply anymore. So here’s my recap of Chemo Round 46:

I got to chemo a little early on Monday to fill a prescription and have a little pre-filming time to myself, and got there just in time to do both. Soon enough, the TV crew and my PR team were with me, and the cameras were rolling. Because I’ve done so much filming with Jordan, the creator of The Wunder Project film and The WunderGlo Foundation video, I was cool as a cucumber. Honestly, having a camera capture my every move just doesn’t bother me at all. This TV crew filmed me and my friends playing basketball last Friday, and literally shooting a free throw with a camera about a foot away from my face didn’t even phase me. So I guess you can call me a little bit of a pro at this point. ☺

Chemo itself went great – had a good meeting with Dr. Lenz, infusion time flew by, and I was attached to my bag o’ chemo and on my way before I knew it. I got home and got in bed, trying to preserve as much energy as possible. Because tomorrow, I’d be on my way to New York City.

I flew to New York on Tuesday while infusing, forcing myself to eat and drink as much as possible (the after effects of radiation only began about a week after treatment ended and continues to persist – my little throat hurts!), and trying to sleep as much as possible. My mom traveled with me and took impeccable care of me, but I knew that no matter how great the care was, I was challenging my body in a serious way. We landed, I slept, and the next morning, I felt the same way I always feel on a chemo Wednesday: not awesome.

So how does a chemo Wednesday feel? It’s hard to describe to people who don’t have cancer, but just think of it like a hangover. You feel a little queasy, not really interested in eating, and headachy. The gross headache feeling is the worst of all three, so I usually try to sleep it off on Wednesday. I couldn’t, though, because I had a conference call with a major drug maker (I’m going back to New York next week for their event), and then I had to take a car to my hotel (we stayed in New Jersey at my mother-in-law’s house for the first night). And in the morning, I’d have to get up early and be at my very best, because your buddy WunderGlo was going to be on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Luckily, as the hours passed on Wednesday night, the gross headachy fog began to lift a bit. I started making up songs in the hotel room (a surefire sign that I’m getting my crazy/normal ways back), and after my mom hoofed it to bring me back some delicious (vegan) Italian food, I was feeling the old me creeping back in. But still, was this enough to knock it out of the park the next morning? I told myself that it would be and reminded myself about who I was dealing with. Come on. I can do this. Please. Ah yes, that old WunderGlo confidence. Much needed.

The next morning, I got up bright and early, hopped in the shower, and was chugging almost at full strength. By the time I got to the Today Show, I was feeling the flow. I jumped into hair and makeup and, minutes later, was camera ready. And almost an instant after that, I was ushered into the area where the filming would take place. Lots of cameras and lights, and Kathie Lee and Hoda doing their thing with another segment. I’d be going on with a doctor at NYU (Dr. Pochapin – very cool dude) and another cancer warrior (Teri Griege – ridiculously awesome lady), and the three of us chit chatted quietly before we were given our spots on the couch and the countdown began.

This was it. My first live television segment, and on national television, and on the most popular morning show in America.

I wasn’t nervous. You know, when people cut you open and remove organs and other folks pump you full of chemotherapy drugs, very few things actually make you nervous. So yeah, I wasn’t nervous. And it went really well. Kathie Lee and Hoda are total studs – warm and professional and fun all at the same time – and Dr. Pochapin and Teri did an awesome job. And, by all accounts, I did an awesome job, too. It was invigorating. And you can check it out here.

After that, I took off to a major magazine for a little chit chat about The Wunder Project. No rest for the weary, team!

And after that, I had a full day in New York City, hanging out with my mom and my best friend from law school (Rhett) and my sister-in-law (Marie) and her boyfriend (A.J.). We wrapped up the day at around midnight, and I crashed in Marie’s bed, giving thanks for her super comfy sheets and the deliciousness of some well-deserved rest.

Yesterday, I took it very easy, flew home, and crashed again. And today, I’m up to my old tricks. I’m feeling great (just finished up at the gym), and extremely excited about where The Wunder Project is headed. And this is only the beginning.

Oh yeah, and I go back to New York City on Monday for some more media stuff. Life is moving fast, but I’m loving every minute of it.

I’m pretty sure cancer wished it had never messed with me. And now it’s really quakin’ in its boots. That’s right, cancer. Bad choice, fool. I’m coming after you and I’m not going to stop coming after you until you are history…for all of us.

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