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Chemo Round 48

Before I go on, I realize that I’ve been a slacker with updating the blog, and I apologize for that. For those of you who have followed the blog for a long time, you know that my delay in posting isn’t because of bad news or anything awry but because of good stuff and general busyness. That applies now as it always has. You know your girl Wundy always has a lot cookin'!

I got some pretty solid news about my blood work before chemo round 48. Things are looking good, my disease is stable, and we are on our way to unlocking the mysteries to my particular strain of “the cancer” as I like to call it. I am beyond lucky to have such innovative minds working on my case, chief among them being the great Dr. Lenz. I couldn’t be in better hands, and knowing that gives me such confidence and peace that I never worry about my disease. Never. I’m not saying I don’t pay attention to my body and take care of it as best I can, but I’m not nervous or anxious about the disease in my body. We’ve got its number and it’s a matter of time before it’s totally stomped out. And I will be doing the stomping.

Chemo Round 48 went very smoothly. The time I spent infusing was easy and fun. Over the last two and a half years, I’ve developed some great relationships with the nurses and volunteers at Norris, so coming in for chemo is like spending time with friends. It’s a pretty wonderful feeling, rolling in for treatment and seeing over half a dozen people with whom you share a real bond of friendship. That’s exactly what I experience every other Monday, so I’m a very, very lucky girl.

After chemo, we stopped at my new favorite spot – a place that makes vegan NY-style pizza. Are you kidding me? Delicious. I knew that my appetite would be spotty for the next few days, so I got myself a large pizza with pineapple topping (my favorite) and knew that I’d sustain myself with that deliciousness. Along with that, I noshed on coconut popsicles, fruit, herbal iced tea, and some more coconut popsicles. I kept myself well-hydrated and got enough sleep. Consequently, side effects were super minimal – just a little headache on Tuesday and Wednesday. By Thursday, I was up and about and functioning well – taking care of Wunder Project business, running errands, singing and dancing like a crazy woman in the car (seriously, what do the other motorists think about me?), and pumped that I had gotten through another round of chemo.

One aspect about this cancer-killing adventure I’m on is that it’s a long road. It’s been a long road so far and I am fully prepared for it to continue to be that way. I don’t get anxious about treatment and I don’t ever think “ugh, when will I be done?” I’ll be done when I’ve fully vanquished this beast, and that’s going to take a lot of time and effort. And I’m totally cool with that.

Before my diagnosis, I was likely one of the most impatient people you’d ever meet – when I wanted something, I wanted it immediately and I got pretty irritated if I didn’t achieve whatever I wanted to achieve right away. Cancer has taught me to take one bite at a time, to pace myself, to understand that victory will come but it won’t come immediately or even pretty soon. I’ve learned a brand of patience that had been utterly foreign to me before. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m still goal-oriented, quick to make decisions (like, lightning quick), and decisive in my actions. But as far as my health is concerned, I know that I am a work in progress, and that it will take a while to fully recover from a disease that was so extensive and hell-bent on killing me two and a half years ago.

Slow and steady wins the race, and, make no mistake: I am winning the race.

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