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Chemo Round 52, Golf, and My Dad

The last week was packed to the gills, and I'll admit that I've been a little slow on the blog postings, so here I go.

First, Chemo Round 52.

So we did a little tweaking to my chemo regimen as a result of that lymph node way back when (that is still shrinking thanks to radiation and chemo), my CEA tumor marker moving up and down in small increments during the last few months, and a desire to get on a regimen that can be more effective than the current one. It was a small modification, but I felt the difference. FOLFIRI, the backbone of my chemo regimen, remained the same, but we swapped out Avastin for the relatively new drug, Zaltrap. Avastin and I had a lovely run – over two and a half years – but I bid it adieu this week. Thanks for the cancer killing, Avastin. I’m not even mad that you gave me bloody noses every now and then. All part of the deal.

Dr. Lenz told me that Zaltrap’s side effects would be a little tougher than Avastin’s, but not much more. He was pretty dead-on with his prediction. I felt about 30% more tired, my headache was about 30% worse, and instead of bouncing back to about 85% on Thursday, I was closer to 50%. By Friday, I was at full speed and now I’m off to the races, as usual. Now, if this new drug combo set me back a bit, which is not easy to do, imagine what it’s doing to those straggler cancer cells. Total domination.

After I bounced back from this round of chemo, my schedule got kicked up several notches. I must have had half a dozen meetings on Friday – all for The Wunder Project or the Foundation and all very productive and exciting – and capped the night off by celebrating my dear friend Tracy’s birthday on the zen garden rooftop of a swanky hotel in Downtown L.A. Once I’m bounced back, there’s really no stopping me. Saturday was full to the brim with activity as well, since The WunderGlo Foundation hosted its first ever golf tournament. Our TEE OFF AGAINST CANCER golf tourney and banquet was a big success and a ton of fun. Because the people at Brookside Golf Club were so incredibly professional and efficient, this was the easiest event we’ve ever thrown. As a result, you know we’ll be back for our second annual next year. Good times!

And now, today is Father’s Day. I am beyond grateful to have such a great dad who always has my back, is always there to rub my back, and is always game for acting silly and crazy (which I do quite often). To celebrate him, we’re off to Santa Barbara today to take in a beautiful day.

When you’re surrounded with love and support like I am, every day is a beautiful day.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Keep being awesome, dudes.

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