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Making Time for Fun

Over the last two weeks, you've heard about my adventures at the Washington Hospital Center. You've learned about the oftentimes harrowing physical challenges that I've had to undergo: the 11 hour surgery, the HIPEC chemotherapy, the four days of intraperitoneal chemotherapy, the pulling out of the Jackson-Pratt drains, chest tubes, and other lovely appendages. You've heard about my problems with sleep because of back spasms. You've also heard about my wonderful nurses: my normal three nurses Mom, Dad, and Will, as well as those here at WHC.

But what I want to share with you guys tonight is the fact that during this time that I've been healing, recovering and bouncing back, I've also been having quite a bit of fun.

There are three fish in a fish tank at the end of a hallway here in the northwest wing of the second floor where Dr. Sugarbaker's patients reside. Each day I go over to these three fish, and I wag my finger at them, as if they were Winston or some other animal that could actually react to that behavior. More oftentimes than not, the three fish come to me, crowding around, knocking their little mouths on the glass that separates me and them. Pretty cool and unexpectedly heartwarming and spirit-lifting.

The real fun actually happens between 11pm and midnight, when on two occasions we have made some pretty fun films. The first film is me dancing around with my IV pole, which is featured below. The second is an action scene in which Will and my Mom, two of the last people you'd think would want to attack WunderGlo, suddenly have the urge to physically assault me. You'll see how it ends.

What I mean to convey by mentioning all this fun activity is that any endeavor can be made more bearable and joyful if you always try to keep things light-hearted, keep a good sense of humor, and have a good time. And that's exactly what we've done over the last two weeks. So for your viewing pleasure, here are those two videos.

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