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Oh Happy Day

Today, 14 days after my 11 hour, life-saving, physically challenging (to say the least), cancer-destroying surgery, I walked out of Washington Hospital Center. No wheelchair, no assistance, no nothing. I walked out with shoulders back and posture perfect, with a quick and steady pace, and with a big smile on my face.

I knew that today would be the day -- Dr. Sugarbaker's team had mentioned that I'd be discharged today, with or without a bowel movement -- but I wasn't truly prepared for the feeling. Today, I officially closed the book on the most difficult, critically important part of my cancer-killing journey: I endured the surgery and its post-op challenges, I got exactly the result I was hoping for, and my time at the hospital was over. It was a big day, and on top of it, my bowels came back today and reported for duty. I couldn't help but tear up as I realized how much my body has been through, but how it loyally came back to work for me. Gratitude for my lightning speed recovery rushed over me like a wave, and I knew that I'd never take one moment of my life for granted. I fought, I bled, I gritted my teeth through pain, I meditated, I channeled all the love I feel from all my loved ones, and I got my life back in the process. These were the toughest two weeks of my life, but they were also the best.

I'm now resting at my cousin's house in Maryland, looking forward to another week of recuperation. Next Thursday, we fly back home, and how sweet it will be.

Thank you to my doctors, nurses, three nurses, family, friends, colleagues, blog readers, and well wishers. Many of you have said that I'm amazing, but your kindness, friendship, and support are the amazing things. You can give yourself the assist for my record-breaking recovery time. The human body can do quite a bit when the human heart is filled with love.

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