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What A Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday, I was discharged from Washington Hospital Center after having a fairly fitful sleep.

Today, I slept peacefully for nearly 11 hours, waking up throughout the night only to do Number One.

Yesterday, I wore a hospital robe.

Today, I wore one of my favorite Rocky T-Shirts, my LiveStrong jacket, and my Duke Basketball sweatshirt.

Yesterday, I was all gauzed up and didn’t take a shower.

Today, I took my first real shower, with real shampoo (not the no-rinse stuff that WHC provided, although it was pretty great when I needed it), real conditioner, and real shower gel.

Yesterday, I spent time with my wonderful nurses, doctors, residents, and PAs.

Today, I spent time with my wonderful friends Morgan, Andrea, and Tracy.

Yesterday, I watched random TV shows from limited channels on a small, non-flat screen TV.

Today, I caught up on my favorite TV shows on my cousin’s new 46-inch HDTV.

Yesterday, I was a hospital patient.

Today, I was a 29-year old woman, out on a Friday night until midnight, watching a scary movie (The Rite -- can’t resist exorcism movies or movies with Anthony Hopkins) with my friends and family, and capping off the night with an arcade game or two.

Things are getting back to normal, and it feels great.

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