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Tomorrow Is The Day

Tonight feels like Christmas Eve. It actually feels better than Christmas Eve, and if you know how much I love Christmas (oh man, I LOVE CHRISTMAS), that’s saying something.

Tomorrow, we publicly unveil our big project.

Dr. Lenz and I started working on this project in late September. Since then, we’ve met every single Saturday morning to go over our progress. We’ve met on Mondays, on Tuesdays, on Wednesdays, on Thursdays, and on Fridays. We’ve emailed dozens of times every day. We’ve been focused and have worked really, really hard. We've surrounded ourselves with the best people to help us grow our ideas into a fully functional animal, and those people have not let us down. We have created something real out of a seed of an idea, and it is incredibly, incredibly satisfying to know that the world will see the product of our hard work in just several short hours.

Before things take off, because they will, I wanted to take a minute to express how proud I am of my partnership with Dr. Lenz. I never thought that, at the age of 31, I’d be spending so much time in an oncologist’s office, but the laughter and the hard work and the strategizing and the planning has been a true joy. I would rather go into battle with no one else in this world. I would rather launch this project with no one else in this world. And I’d rather make history with no one else in this world.

And that’s what we’re about to do tomorrow, and in the days and weeks and months that follow. We are going to make history.

And to you, dear readers. Thank you for being a part of my life and being a part of my cancer-killing adventures. I will need your help spreading the word tomorrow and in the coming weeks, and I know that you are all up to the task. Tomorrow is only the beginning of my work, and I know that I’m up to the task, too.

Since my diagnosis, my life has been so rich. I’ve met wonderful people, gone to amazing places, and have been a part of so many beautiful experiences. It is not lost on me that I am on the crest of yet another one of these beautiful experiences that is bound to lead me to even more amazing places and wonderful people. It is not lost on me that tomorrow will change the course of my life. And I can’t wait.

One more day. Mere hours at this point.

We are going to make history.

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