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The Wunder Project

This is it. Today is the day! The public launch of The Wunder Project, the groundbreaking initiative that began with one simple email discussion between Dr. Lenz and me in mid-September of last year. We had just read that MD Anderson had announced its “Moon Shots” program – the cancer center in Texas had already secured $3 billion dollars of funding and planned to advance treatment with the goal of curing eight different kinds of cancers by the end of the decade.

It was so exciting and impressive, but there was one catch. Colon cancer wasn’t one of the eight cancers they listed.

Obviously, I was bummed out. But then I had a thought. We could have our own “Moon Shot” – our own campaign to raise the funds necessary to get to the cure. I knew that Dr. Lenz and the team he’d assemble could do the work and get the job done, so I proposed it while I was eating a salad in DC, hours before hosting an event for The WunderGlo Foundation.

“We should do it,” I said.

Dr. Lenz shot back within a minute, “I could not agree more.”

And in that moment, The Wunder Project was born.

After months of work, we are ready to show the world our plan for curing colon cancer. The scientific method to get to the cure is solid, the fundraising plan of attack is legit, and there are no two people more committed to seeing this through than Dr. Lenz and me. We will see this through. We won’t stop until there is a cure for colon cancer. And once we show the world that we can cure colon cancer with our approach, we’ll show them that other cancers can be cured by the same approach.

This is the first domino in a series of dominos that will finally end this terrible disease.

From the moment I learned of my diagnosis, I was ready. I was ready to fight. I was ready to show cancer that it couldn’t take my life from me and it couldn’t take my happiness from me. I was ready to say NO to cancer. Hell no, actually.

And now, it’s finally time to say no to cancer for good. Cancer, your time is up.

Here’s what you can do to help:

Please watch the video that we believe will launch our movement. It’s on YouTube and can be found here: Please forward that link to everyone you know and urge them to watch the film. Please visit our website at Please donate what you can as often as you can. Please introduce me to people who work at big companies or small companies. Please introduce me to your celebrity or athlete friends or politician friends.

Please join our movement.

Please join me.

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